Must Take Care Of Your Urinary System

There are two fist-sized kidneys in the human body. A person can live on a single kidney, but, if both of the kidneys fail then a person will immediately die. Doctors keep this type of patients on dialysis. So, taking care of the kidney is crucial. Our kidney cleanses our blood and regulates the fluid in our body. Our kidneys perform all these functions in our body on a daily basis: 

  • Removal of the waste product from the body
  • This organ of the body controls the formation of red blood cell
  • It releases the hormones that control blood pressure.
  • Removes all the unhealthy and dangerous drugs from the body
  • It balances the fluid in the body. 

All these functions are extremely important for the healthy survival of the human body. The urine we extract from our bodies is normal from around 1 to a maximum of 8 hours.

The stones 

 Many times, due to unhealthy eating habits stones are formed in the kidney. These stones are of different shapes and sizes. Some people have a small number of stones and some people have one huge stone. Some stones are smooth, and some are pointy and sharp and these pointy once are quite painful and are often unbearable. 

Kidney stones can cause much trouble for the patient. A patient who has a stone problem complain of more frequently need to go to the bathroom. Sometimes the stone blocks the urine extraction track which results in a small amount of extraction or no urination at all although there is need to. Due to this the regulation in the fluid can be disturbed and can lead to an unwanted health problem. If the problem is getting out of control, then the chances are stones may travel to another part of the urinary system.  Visit this link for more info on kidney stone in Melbourne.

Signs of having stones: 

Some signs can tell the patient if he is or he is not suffering from the situation, for example, there will be the strong bad odour from the urine, and it will be cloudy as well. The urine of the normal person who doesn’t have stone is not as smelly and cloudy. Then the patient may also experience the extraction of the blood along with the urine. He will feel constant pain and many times the pain is unbearable. 


Treating a problem should always be the option instead of ignoring it. We all know when a health problem is neglected it always grow uncontrollably which can be quite troublesome for the patient. So, once the signs are noticeable the patient must rush to the urologist from Melbourne. He will treat and guide the patient properly. There are several methods and one of the safest methods is extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy. This treatment will break down the stones into small particles that they will easily pass through the urine track.